Catkins Cattery the holiday home for any discering cat
about catkins cattery
The Catkins is a loving environment for cats; set to a very high standard, with the needs of your cat being paramount.
The cattery is set in peaceful, secluded and picturesque surroundings under the observation of the caring new owners Helen and Andrew Cox.
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Each chalet has its own adjustable heating to cater for the individual taste of your discerning cat. The overall design of the accommodation provides a controlled circulation of air and our chalets are insulated against cold in winter and heat in summer. We have also located a shelf next to the window so that your cat can snooze in the sun.
A cat flap connecting into the run ensures freedom to come and go at will. We are also very conscious of providing the utmost security so all runs have their own latched doors leading into a safety corridor which has a locked door, thus providing double safeguards.
The runs are covered to protect the cats from inclement weather, but still always allows the sun to shine through.
We recommend that you bring something that your cat is happy with; maybe a favourite toy, or cosy blanket, to facilitate a speedy settling in process. Nevertheless a comfortable bed is provided.
We request that all feeding requirements are stipulated when booking. Special diets are also available on request.
All adult cats are fed twice daily, whereas kittens are catered for according to their special needs. Your cat can then settle in quicker due to the unchanged diet pattern.


It is widely accepted that a cat is a perfectionist in personal cleanliness so we are meticulous in the daily cleansing of litter trays, feeding bowls, utensils and accommodation.
We only use products recommended by the FELINE ADVISORY BUREAU.
Cats must be wormed, spayed or neutered and protected against fleas before coming to the cattery as we do not treat, or accept, a cat whom we suspect may have them; or suffering from any disease whether infectious of contagious.
Current vaccination certificates are required on admission.
We operate a scheme that must be undertaken by all our guests for their own protection. This is an obligatory cost of £1.50 per cat, per week.
Our local veterinary surgeon will be contacted if we are at all concerned about your cat. We are also happy to contact your own veterinary surgeon should you prefer this.
Opening Hours
We are open every day throughout the year for boarding and welcome visits to view.
Monday to Saturday
8.00 am - 10.00 am
3.00 pm - 5.00 pm
9.00 am - 11 am only
Closed on all Bank Holidays
Parking on the driveway is provided for customers.
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